Tiger Woods should do like TVís David Letterman


Women have been the downfall of men since the days of that famous Biblical pair, Adam and Eve. And then there were Samson and Delilah. You remember those two, donít you? Delilah seduced Samson then cut his hair, which was the source of his strength, for some pieces of silver.

Men have been tumbling ever since. Itís happened to presidents, congressmen, businessmen, professors, athletes, coaches, athletic directors and even clergymen.

And now we have Tiger Woods. Some people, especially the media, are absolutely shocked that he could be so Ö so Ö human! It reminds me of Claude Rains in the movie, Casablanca, when he said (I paraphrase), ďIím shocked, shocked that gambling has been going on in this establishment.Ē

So there Tiger was the other day on television, whimpering and cowering and apologizing like Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina did for his indiscretions


IT WAS SAD, and a bit disgusting. I wish every man caught with his pants down, if you will excuse the phrase, would treat the problem like late night television host David Letterman did recently. He didnít act like it was the end of the world. After the news of his many infidelities broke, he stood up straight, admitted his dalliances on television, apologized and kept right on doing his job. Heís been greeted with forgiveness, applause and cheers ever since.

Tiger can be in the same position if he gets back to work. Nearly every person I know cares little about Tiger Woodsí private life. They just want to see him swinging a club again. The more he talks and the more he apologizes the worse it gets.

Of course, the media may not let him shut up. Ah, the media. It loves scandal and will keep on pouncing and digging for every sordid detail so they can peddle the scum.


NOW, BEFORE I get into trouble, Iím not implying that all women are like Delilah nor that all men are unfaithful.  I love women. Theyíre so gosh darn beautiful, tender and desirable. Iím lucky that Iím married to the sweetest, nicest, kindest female alive.

Still, I found that there are plenty of women who arenít that nice. When I was covering the Dallas Cowboys and traveling with them I found hotels had to be roped off to keep women from sneaking into the hotels to have sex with the players.  Iím sure Woods found some pretty aggressive women in his travels. Sure, he should have resisted, but Ö In the old days it used to be that it was up to the woman to say ďno.Ē Now, in many instances, itís up to the man to say ďno.Ē  Unfortunately, we humans are endowed with certain natural instincts and desires that make many men, and women, fall in certain situations.


WHICH BRINGS up another point. At least one coach and one athletic director at UTEP lost their jobs at the school in recent years because of infidelity. Which prompted one UTEP athletic official to wonder why it is that a man always comes out the villain and the woman gets off scot-free?

In fact, in some instances, like in Tigerís case, women even brag about having had sex with a prominent man and wear the fact as some badge of honor. They get their pictures taken, get on television and even get highlighted in magazines while the man walks off like a dog with his tail between his legs. Itís not fair.

Oh, well. Thatís life. Anyway, I hope Tiger gets back to golf and the media leaves his private life alone. I speak for a lot of folks when I say weíve missed him.


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