Santa Teresa Senior Ratings Ready; Tournament Set


Head pro Chris Thomas is a man of his word. He said he was going to get a handicapping system for male senior golfers at Santa Teresa Country Club – and he did.

First, he painted the red tees gray to signify from where seniors could tee off. Then he called the Sun Country Golf Association to which El Paso and New Mexico clubs belong and asked them to come to the course and figure out a “slope” and course rating for them. Sun Country officials did recently and came up with a senior slope rating of 118 for the Yucca Course and 115 for the Spanish Dagger Course. It set the senior course rating at 66.1 for the Yucca and 64.2 for the Spanish Dagger.  The USGA recognizes golfers age 65 and over as seniors.


THE GRAY tees at Santa Teresa are a blessing for those seniors who have lost much of their distance, either because of aging or physical problems. Some were never long knockers, and their drives have gotten shorter.

Seniors will be enjoying the game of golf much, much more.

And as if to celebrate, Santa Teresa Country Club is putting the senior tees in play for the first time in a tournament. It’s the annual Club Stroke Play Championship which will be held Oct. 3.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Thomas.


IT WAS interesting learning how the slope and course ratings are figured by the United States Golf Association (USGA).

It used to be based solely on distance but now where the ball lands from certain tees and what obstacles are encountered from there are also a consideration.


For now, however, the senior slope and course ratings at Santa Teresa will be temporary. Sun Country Association officials used only a course-length system and adjusted it by a set percentage. Courses are required to undergo re-measuring and re-rating every 10 years and Santa Teresa is due those, so the present slope and course ratings will be re-adjusted in a few weeks.

But it’s a good bet they’ll be close to the present ones.


TRIVIA question: Who was the first golfer to win all four professional Majors in golf – The U. S. Open, the British Open, the Masters and the PGA – during his career? Answer at end.




Steve Haskins deserves a nice pat on the back for lending his name as celebrity golfer to the LULAC Alfredo “Lelo” Memorial Golf Tournament held this weekend at Vista Hills Country Club. The tournament raises funds for Project Amistad, which does so much to help older El Pasoans.


The El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame also deserves kudos. It came up with five outstanding inductees for its Oct. 20 induction banquet at Lancers Club East. They’re Alan Zinter Jr., Joe Henderson, Juan Orozco, Larry Stelley and Manny Pacillas. For tickets to the banquet call Mike Barrueta 565-6046, Joe Divis 592-4498, Bob Osborne 598-7211 or Dana Eisenga 831-2275.


David Rodriguez of El Paso is 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 250 pounds and has won 32 fights, 30 by knockout. He hit his latest victim so hard he not only knocked out one of his teeth but the tooth cut through Rodriguez’s glove and slashed his finger. “When I went back to my corner, my energy was sapped,” Rodriguez told former El Paso writer Matthew Aguilar. “It felt like someone was pouring warm water down my glove. Later, blood was dripping down my forearm.”  Rodriguez had to be hospitalized and given a tetanus shot. Now that’s what I call a punch.


ANSWER to trivia question: Gene Sarazen from 1922 through 1935.


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