Former TV Sports Icon Back Reporting on UTEP


It’s always good to see an old acquaintance back in the fold. A lot of us missed

sportscaster Bob Nitzburg since he disappeared from view and went into that land

of limbo called advertising.  I’m sure that’s a profitable business, and I’m sure he’s done great at it.

But we missed the enthusiasm, the knowledge, the expertise that he brought to the El


Paso sports scene. I’m sure many of you remember him. From 1968 to 1991 he was

in local television, most of the time as sports anchor on KELP-TV which became

KVIA-TV and then as a sports anchor on KROD-TV which became KDBC-TV. For sports

fans, his TV show was a must-watch affair.


AFTER MANY years on the business side of TV, a few months ago he suddenly began

appearing again at UTEP athletic press conferences and sports events and

reporting about them on KOFX FM (92.3 on the FM dial) twice daily.

Univision, for which Nitzburg has been working as a senior account executive and

political director these many years, decided to add more coverage of the Miners

on one of its radio outlets, KOFX-FM (The Fox, 92.3, which also carries UTEP

football and basketball games). Who better to pick for the job than former TV icon Nitzburg?

He can be heard at 8:25 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. daily from Monday through Friday. His

show is called “The Miner Minute” and gives you some real insight as to the

goings-on of UTEP sports.  He says he’s glad to be back in sports.  Welcome back, Nitz. We’re glad you’re back, too.


TRIVIA Question: We all know about Bret Favre’s iron-man stint in the National

Football League. But can you name a Major Leaguer who set a record for the most

consecutive seasons playing 150 or more games? Answer at end.


I KNOW THAT you’ve been “ready for the football,” as they say on Monday night,

but are you “ready for the horses?”  Live horse racing will return to Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino on Dec. 10 and with Albuquerque closing its season last weekend horses and their entourages

will be streaming into the upper valley track now.


DALLAS COWBOYS fans have had a hard time of it this season. They’ve been kidded,

ridiculed and harassed everywhere they go.  It was their turn this past week after the Cowboys soundly whipped the New York Giants. At least for one glorious week, the Cowboys are America’s Team again and the stars on their helmets seem as bright as the orange-colored star on the

Franklin Mountains.  Will new coach Jason Garrett really be the answer to the Cowboys’ woes? Stay



SOME UTEP basketball fans were surprised that the Miners scheduled a game on a

Sunday at noon last weekend and another at 8:30 p.m. this weekend. Those aren’t

exactly good times for fans but it was all a precursor to bigger things.

As participants of a 12-team nationwide tournament called the Legends Classic,

the Miners had to schedule those games at those times and will now get to play

against such big-time schools as Georgia Tech and either Michigan or Syracuse on

Nov. 26 and 27 at Atlantic City, N.J. Previous winners of the tournament include

Texas, Pittsburgh and Florida.  What a great chance that will be for the Miners to make a name for themselves.


ANSWER to trivia question: Willie Mays, who did it on 13 consecutive seasons.

(Note: Lou Gehrig might have set a record but the Yankees played only 149 games

in 1935. And Pete Rose might have set a record of 15 but the strike in 1981

shortened the season).


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