Dallas Cowboys in for Hard Times


by Ray Sanchez  



Since I covered the Dallas Cowboys in the `1980s and 1990s, people keep asking me how they’re going to do this year. Which means I must consult my obnoxious crystal ball.
My crystal ball is obnoxious because it has a nasty disposition and always brags when it’s right and makes excuses when it’s wrong.
But duty calls, and so I approached the drawer in which I keep it gingerly, took it out and, of course, it came out snarling.
“What in #@#$%! do you want now?” it asked. “Can’t you see I’m resting?”

I’VE LEARNED through the years that it’s no use arguing with it, so I gently asked its forgiveness and with tongue in cheek, I said, “Oh, mighty orb, please give me your predictions for this year’s Dallas Cowboys.”
It perked up immediately. It loves to be pampered and consulted.
It cleared its throat in its usual obnoxious manner, and said:
“Well, let’s see. You know that after quarterback Dak Prescott’s sensational rookie season in 2016 where he led the Cowboys to a 13-3 regular season record and the NFL playoffs, I predicted that he wouldn’t be so effective in 2017. That’s because he had caught the NFL by surprise and now other teams would have tapes of him.
“I was right, wasn’t I? The Cowboys finished with a 9-7 won-lost record in 2017 and Prescott wasn’t nearly as effective.”

THERE THE CRYSTAL ball was, bragging again. But I didn’t want to interrupt and it kept talking:
“As for 2018, I can’t see the Cowboys doing much better. That’s because I don’t think the Cowboys have the know-how to make adjustments now that the NFL is on to them. Owner Jerry Jones keeps hanging on to Jason Garrett as coach.
“I see hard times ahead. The Cowboys will open the regular season with the Carolina Panthers, who had an 11-5 regular season record last year. They’ll lose that one.
“Then come the pitiful New York Giants, who went 3-13 last year. The Cowboys should win that one.

“ALL IN ALL, the Cowboys will play nine teams with winning records. They’ll probably lose to Carolina, Jacksonville, the Philadelphia Eagles twice, the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints.
“They should beat the Giants twice, Houston and Tampa then maybe they could split the rest of their games, which would mean they’d go 3-3.
“So I predict the Cowboys will wind up 7-9, or with a little luck, 8-8. There could be a surprise or two, but I don’t see much hope.
“So there you have it. Now, can I go back to resting?”
I’d had enough of it, so I put the crystal ball back in its drawer and shut it firmly.

TRIVIA QUESTION: The Rose Bowl was the first bowl game in the country. But which bowl was second? Answer at end of column.

CORRECTION: I’ve been advised that the best phone number to get your tickets for UTEP football games this coming season is 915-747-6150. Season tickets start at just $66.

TIGER WOODS is at it again. And that’s good for fans, television and sports. He finished second in last week’s PGA Championship, which means he beat all of the greatest golfers in the world except one, Brooks Koepka.
I’ve never seen a golfer as exciting as Tiger. He gets into trouble hole after hole and yet with his uncanny ability he usually manages to wind up with a birdie or a par, just like he used to. He’s totally amazing.

TRIVIA ANSWER: The Sun, Sugar and Orange Bowls claim to be second. But El Paso had its first game on Jan. 1, 1935, and the original charter for the Sun Bowl Association predates the Orange and Sugar thus making the Sun Bowl the second oldest bowl by virtue of charter.

Veteran sports journalist, historian and author Ray Sanchez welcomes suggestions for his column. Contact him at (915) 584-0626, by email at rayf358@yahoo.com or online at raysanchezbooks.com.



Veteran sports journalist and author Ray Sanchez welcomes suggestions for his column. Contact him at by e-mail at rayf358@yahoo.com or online at www.raysanchezbooks.com         


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