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Socorro Bulldogs Have Joined a Very Elite Group By Ray Sanchez June 21, 2009 Senior Golfers Deserve Their Own Tee Markers  By Ray Sanchez June 28, 2009 El Pasoans in Texas Hall of Fame 


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Socorro Bulldogs Have Joined a Very Elite Group

By Ray Sanchez

June 21, 2009

Welcome to the Land of Legends, 2009 state baseball champion Socorro High School. You have joined some very distinguished teams.

Since high school athletic team tournaments began in Texas in the early part of the last century, only six other teams from El Paso had won a state team championship in one of the three major sports (baseball, basketball and football).

El Paso High School won four state basketball championships and Eastwood High one.

Bowie High won the first state baseball championship. And that was it. Until this year, that is. Now the Socorro Bulldogs have joined this most elite group.


NEEDLESS TO say, the previous championship teams, their coaches and their players have become enshrined forever in El Paso lore. Many of them have been inducted into the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame.

Chris Forbes, coach of the Bulldogs, now belongs in the same category as former El Paso state championship coaches Luther Coblentz, Nemo Herrera, Jewell Wallace, C. D. Jarvis and Bobby Lesley.

Coblentz coached the El Paso High Tigers in 1921 and 1922, Wallace the 1941 Tigers, Jarvis the 1947 Tigers, Herrera the 1949 Bowie Bears and Lesley the 1976 Eastwood Troopers. Legends all.


FOLLOWING ARE the El Paso team champs and some interesting items about them gathered by this veteran sports scribe:


So how do these Bulldogs rank with the other six El Paso team champions? Very well, thank you. In fact, the way they blazed through the playoffs winning by big scores one might say theyíre the most dominant champions of all. They, like the previous champs, will be talked about, honored and praised for decades to come. And how sweet does that sound?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Back to Top

Senior Golfers Deserve Their Own Tee Markers

By Ray Sanchez

June 28, 2009


Seniors continue to be the forgotten patrons of golf.

The overall population is getting older, seniors carry a big part of the financial load at golf courses, retirees have more time to play. Seniors have deeper pockets, contribute to and play in charity tournaments and pay their dues on time.

Yet theyíre treated like they donít exist. Most courses donít even have tee markers for them. Neither do tournaments make allowances for their lack of distance, making them tee off along with everyone else.

At most courses, there are markers to tee off for pros, for amateurs and, of course, for ladies. For seniors, whose main problem is the loss of distance because of aging? None.


SOME COURSES dismiss the seniorsí distance problem with a cold shrug and a ďgo hit from the ladiesí teeĒ comment.

Gee, thanks. Seniors donít want to be laughed and snickered at. Seniors want their own tees. They feel bad enough knowing they canít hit the ball as far as they used to. Their short games may still be good. In fact, I know some seniors whose short games are so good they could whip many young whippersnappers if they could only get close enough to the green to do it.

Itís just not fair.

Now Iím talking about your average senior golfer. Low handicap seniors can still hit it pretty far. But I bet the day will come when even low handicap seniors will be wishing for senior tees, too.


SANTA TERESA Country Club, to its credit, has tried to do something about it. The markers on the ladiesí tees, which at most courses are painted red, have been re-painted silver to serve both women and seniors. Any male 70 years or older is invited to hit form there.

A small step for seniors Ė but itís still not good enough. Seniors know theyíre still hitting from the ladiesí tees.

Besides, hitting from there wonít be eligible to figure a male seniorís handicap. 

CHRIS THOMAS, Santa Teresa Country Club pro, has said heís going to try to do something about the handicapping. He says heís going to ask the Sun Country Golf Association, to which many Southwest courses belong, to come to Santa Teresa and measure the silver tees so that a ďslopeĒ can be figured for a fair seniors handicap. Distance will be the main measuring point.

Thatís a great step forward for seniors, and hereís a big ďthank youĒ to Thomas. He cares.

But still, seniors wonít be completely happy until they have their own tees. They should be between the white (amateur) markers and the red (ladies) markers. Or better yet, if they convert the ladiesí tees to senior tees, build new ladies tees a few yards forward.

Come on, golf courses. Give seniors a break. 

BUT TO CHANGE the subject, the second of two annual fundraisers for the UTEP golf team will be held Aug. 3 at Coronado Country Club. Itís the UTEP Menís Golf Two Man Best Ball Tournament presented by the Ford Dealers Association.

You probably remember that these two tournaments (the first one was held earlier this year) are the primary source for the UTEP teamís operating budget. The school provides scholarships and coach Rick Toddís salary but thatís about it. The two tournaments, sponsored by the Century Club, provide the funds for recruiting, travel, equipment, etc.

So sign up, have some fun and help the Miners. For information call Margie Henderson at 584-3716. 

Veteran sports journalist and author Ray Sanchez welcomes suggestions for his column. Contact him at (915) 584-0626, by e-mail at rayf358@yahoo.com and online at www.raysanchezbooks.com.

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El Pasoans in Texas Sports Hall of Fame

by Ray Sanchez

 July 5, 2009

Recently I wrote a story about former high school state champs from El Paso County. It told how El Paso High School has won four state titles and finished second four more times in basketball, Eastwood High has won one state basketball title and Bowie High was the only El Paso County school to win a state baseball title until this year when Socorro High accomplished the feat. The story also noted many members of those teams had been inducted into the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame.

Now some readers want to know how many El Paso individuals have been inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Thereís a main division and a high school division. Following are El Paso individual inductees. 

DON HASKINS, who led Texas Western to a national basketball title in basketball in 1966, heads the list. He was inducted into the main Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 1986. He was later inducted into the National Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame (in 1999).

Then there are Don Maynard and Jesse Whittenton, former UTEP football stars. The National Football League has inducted both into its NFL Hall of Fame.

You may remember that Maynard was an outstanding wide receiver with the New York Jets when they pulled the biggest upset in the history of the Super Bowl over Baltimore.

Whittenton was a defensive back for the Green Bay Packers during their glory days in the 1960s.

Maynard was inducted into the main Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 1983 but Whittenton has never been inducted. Thatís an oversight that should be corrected. 

THE TEXAS Sports Hall of Fame, based in Waco, was started in 1951. Its first two inductees were Tris Speaker of baseball fame and golfer Ben Hogan.

The only other El Pasoans besides Haskins and Maynard inducted into the main Texas Sports Hall of Fame are jockey Bill Shoemaker in 1965 and golfer Lee Trevino in 1974.

El Pasoans inducted into the high school division are Andy Cohen, Nemo Herrera, Lance Taylor and, in a bit of a surprise, Mike Izquierdo. 

COHEN LED El Paso High to the championship of the first two state basketball tournaments in 1921 and 1922. He later played running back for the University of Alabama, played second base for the New York Giants and became one of the most successful managers in the history of minor league baseball. After that, he volunteered to coach the UTEP baseball team without pay and did so for years.

Herrera not only coached Bowie High to the state championship in baseball, he coached Lanier High to two state titles in basketball. Very few coaches can boast a record of state championships in two different sports.

Lance Taylor was an outstanding lineman at Coronado High in the 1970s. 

AND IZQUIERDO? Itís no surprise that he was inducted for he was an outstanding basketball player. Thin as a rail and quick as lightning, he led El Paso High to a runner-up finish in 1940 and the state championship in 1941. Then he played for the Miners in 1942-43, went into the service, returned in 1947-48 and led the Miners in scoring. No doubt he would have been one of the Minersí biggest stars had it not been for World War II.

The surprise is in that heís the only El Paso basketball player besides Cohen to be inducted in the high school division because El Paso has had many other outstanding high school basketball stars. 

AND THEN thereís Nolan Richardson, who was not only a star at Bowie High and UTEP but is the only coach to win NCAA, NIT and junior college basketball championships. He should have been inducted into the main division of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame long ago.

But thatís fodder for another column. 

Veteran sports journalist and author Ray Sanchez welcomes suggestions for his column. Contact him at (915) 584-0626, by e-mail at rayf358@yahoo.com or online at http://www.raysanchezbooks.com

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